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Galileo Church in Mansfield, Texas, shares their message of love and openness!

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Statement From The NALT Christians Project On ‘Duck Dynasty’ Patriarch’s Homophobia And Racism


The co-founders of the NALT Christians Project released the following statement in response to the media firestorm around homophobic and racist comments made by Phil Robertson, patriarch of the “Duck Dynasty” family in the name of Christianity:

Controversy arose this week after Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson made homophobic and racist comments in an interview with GQ. He couched his comments in religious language, which has led many conservative Christians to believe that, in protesting his words, and in A&E’s subsequent suspension, Robertson’s First Amendment rights and freedom of religion are being infringed upon. As is usual in these debates, the real loser is Christianity itself. Millions of Christians around the world affirm the dignity and equality of LGBT people, and their voices go unheard when public figures like Phil Robertson and his supporters in the right-wing media claim that their discriminatory beliefs represent Christianity. As the NALT Christians Project and a growing grassroots movement of loving, supportive Christians shows, this is not the case. Robertson was suspended because he made hateful comments about minorities, not because he’s a Christian. He and others who couch racist and anti-gay bias in religious language do not own Christianity, nor do they even speak for a majority of Christians. To those whose faith leads them to show love rather than hatred, we encourage you to make your voice heard by making a NALT Christians video, sharing the message with your families and churches and getting involved in the growing chorus of Christians who are Not All Like That.


John Shore, Wayne Besen and Evan Hurst, co-founders of the NALT Christians Project

For more info or to submit a NALT video of your own, please visit the NALT Christians Project.

Love this NALT video! And what a strong point this good-hearted woman makes about how, back in the day, her interracial marriage would have been illegal, the same as gay marriage is in so many states today.

On October 26, 2013, First Congregational Church in Memphis celebrated 150 years of service, fellowship, worship and love in the Memphis area. True to the diverse nature of the church, the music ranged from classical to gospel, high church to traditional African dance, and all points between. During the service’s litany, the congregants created a video for the NALT Christians Project, where they proclaimed (and not for the first time either) that they are 100% open and affirming, that they support the LGBT community wholeheartedly, and that Christians are Not All Like That.

If your church agrees with First Congo — that’s the church’s nickname — then you should host a NALT Sunday! (Or Wednesday. Or really whatever day works best for you.) The concept is simple. Talk to the people who run your church’s services about including something like what First Congo did in your service. Or you can simply set up a time where people in your church can make their own personal NALT Christians Project videos. OR you can do both! (First Congo members will be doing individual videos in a few weeks.)

Check out the NALT Christians Project website for more videos and to learn how to submit your own!

From this pastor in Oregon: "I know many good Christians who are struggling with the conflict of knowing lesbian and gay co-workers, family, friends, and trying to reconcile the lives they see with the condemning teachings they have received. I pray for these people . I look forward to the day when a deeper engagement with scriptures frees them to just go with the good news of Jesus that overrides all the fears and judgmentalism of Jesus’ day, and our day, and all days.”

"I’m not speaking to Christians with this video, and I’m not trying to convince LGBTQ people of how great I think Jesus is. I don’t want this to come off as, ‘Hey, look how great Christianity actually is. You had it wrong. Take a second look and come be a Christian.’ All I have to say is that every day, there are fewer and fewer Christians who are against you, and more and more people who are on your side, and that is something to feel hopeful about.”